Match Play 2018



 First Bracket Starts Early May 2018


Proudly kicking off another season of our 2 man scramble match play league. Roxburgh gives a unique experience in a traditional format. 


  Our Match Play brackets offer average golfers a fun and competitive league to work together as a team while playing cheap golf with the chance of winning big!


Find a partner and keep an eye out for our registrations. 


This is a continuous league. Once the bracket gets to semi-finals there will be a sign-up posted for the next bracket. Ends in September. (Depending on interest - there may be a wind-up tournament)


**Free golf for entire bracket**


League info:

  • Teams of 2 (Man or Woman)
  • Scramble match play format In a Bracket
  • Double knock out (You lose twice you're out)
  • All golf is included in the Registration Fee
  • Registration $30 per player
  • Half the Registration will be used towards Prize pool. Then divided out into top 4 placements at First-place 50% 
    Second-place 25% 
    Third-place 15% 
    Fourth-place 10% 



Bracket Rules:

  • Must attempt to make a tee-time with opposing team within the week of notification
  • If you have not played or arranged a date with your opponents within the week of matchup you will be notified and given 2 days to arrange. after which time the organizers will decide a way of determines who forfeits and who moves on.
  • Leave a contact number for your team with RG staff so that opponents know where to request that info. This will also be kept private and not available to the public


Rules of Play:

  • At the first tee teams will throw a 'tee' to determine which team tees off first. That team then decides who will tee off first in their team.
  • Once all four players have taken their shots, each team gets their choice of which ball they will take their 2nd shot from. play continues as such until the ball is holed.
  • Once players decide whos ball they're taking the next shot from. The player who shot that ball must play first. 
  • The selected ball must be played as is where is. (Unless deemed unplayable) The second player is allowed 1 club length from where player 1's ball had been played from.
  • Whoever holes the ball on a won hole will have to be the player to first tee-off on the following hole. The losing team of the previous hole may decide on which player tee's first.
  • On a 'Push' (both teams end with the same score on the hole) the same team order from the previous hole will be used but teams may switch the order their teammates tee off.
  • Standard golf etiquette applies. eg. Quiet while hitting, play order, and walking on putt path  




More info to come early 2018. Call (905) 372-8924 if any further questions.


Sign up early - Email Us:


 Hours of Operation:

  Monday - Sunday
Subject to group 
 size we may not allow
 Tee-times past 7:30pm

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